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Awesome Improvements in Air Conditioning Technology


Imagine coming home from the hot weather of a summer afternoon there is nothing like turning on the air conditioner to cool you down. Fortunately, over the last ten years, there has been a long way to air conditioning.

Here are some major improvements in air conditioning which have been made over the past decade.

Solar energy

Air conditioners can cost a lot of money for activities. In summer, energy prices can be higher and costs throughout the day. Fortunately, solar panels have the use of air condition more efficiently. These solar cells can store energy and then use them for power. In a study at Santa Clara University, students showed that the use of energy could reduce natural gas consumption by 70%. While this is good news for large buildings, it’s as good as home swapping.

Programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats can be expected in today’s market, but not always in all households and offices. Its relatively new technology will become a standard but is still in preparation. Over the past ten years, programmable thermostats have been able to make it very easy for people to regulate temperature at certain times of the day and do not change individually when the room is hot or cold if it is not selective.

Larger thermostats screens

Programmable thermostats have improved with a visual display. LG is a leader in the field of thermostats and offers features ranging from 10 inches to the surface of the screen. These screens make it easy for individual parts, change temperatures and even control the amount of energy.

Split air conditioning system

Despite the fact that AC control systems are relatively new technologies, it is not something that can be done without split system air conditioners. These systems are connected at home or in the business and can then regulate the temperature in each room. For example, hospitals can conveniently change the temperature in the room of each patient.

Smart window air conditioning

General Electric is now working on appliances that help reduce the temperature in your home. And while glazing cannot be anything new, GE has given time to show how useful this system is. Smart windows are also great because they can be synced to the smartphone, so they’re only available nearby.

Smart air vents

Another smart device is a smart air channel. These openings open and close depending on the ambient temperature. Instead of setting up a brand new -split air conditioning system, smart ventilation vent can regulate more temperatures at the same time.

Electrical Grid systems

Single-family homes and businesses are not the only ones to benefit from the development of air-conditioning technology. Power systems are designed to drive energy consumption in some cities. Knowing that this information will help identify energy for the most appropriate places hopes to contribute to the reduction of energy of all countries.

Vehicle Dual Temperature Control

Your home or office is not the only place to rest. That’s why air conditioning technology in vehicles is great. Many vehicles now have air conditioning options that allow everyone to choose the desired temperature. So, if Mom and Dad preferred the front of the car to a comfortable 80 degrees, kids who just played a football would change the temperature to a more comfortable level.


In more comfortable conditions in homes, businesses, hospitals and many other places, considerable progress has been made in regards to the air conditioning. Not only that, but they can save money by using more efficient methods that are used for cooling. For those who enjoy extra exercise, no matter the season. For more information visit: http://www.texturesonmain.com/things-need-know-air-conditioning-systems/


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