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5 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prep Your AC for the fall

Is your home ready for the fall; is your air conditioning working? From landscaping to painting, home improvement projects can keep you pretty busy on the weekends, but it’s important to keep in mind to care for one of the most important systems in your house –the air...
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Awesome Improvements in Air Conditioning Technology

INTRODUCTION Imagine coming home from the hot weather of a summer afternoon there is nothing like turning on the air conditioner to cool you down. Fortunately, over the last ten years, there has been a long way to air conditioning. Here are some major improvements in air conditioning...
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Things You Need to Know About Air Conditioning Systems

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Having a fully functional air compressor is essential for any style of air cooling machine or system because without it there would be no cooling process. An air compressors job is to simply turn or compress a low-pressure Freon or refrigerant into a high-temperature gas, which, of course,...
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Choosing Between American Standard Air Conditioning Systems

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One of the most important features for American Standard air conditioning systems is their energy efficiency ratio, often abbreviated as an EER. An energy efficiency ratio measures how energy efficient any air conditioner unit may be. Higher energy efficiency ratios mean the air conditioners are much more energy...
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Air Conditioning Service Tips That Can Save You Money

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Air conditioning unit repair is a major household expense. To avoid the likelihood of your air conditioner breaking down, it is important to keep it properly maintained. Furthermore, it is important that the repair of air conditioners is performed properly. The fact remains that the repair depends on...
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