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FAQ About Your First Massage Therapy Appointment

Massage therapy is quickly gaining popularity for its health benefits, as well as its relaxation capabilities. You may have heard good things from a friend, or perhaps you have a medical issue that can be helped through massage therapy. When it comes time to make that first massage appointment, some people are a little nervous. With our helpful list of frequently asked questions, you can get the relaxation that your appointment will deliver!

Can I request a certain gender for my massage therapist?

Yes! The best time to ask is when making your appointment, not when you show up to the spa or therapist’s office. Keep in mind that you’ll be covered by a large, comfortable sheet throughout the massage and only the part of the body being worked with will be uncovered, so it needn’t be awkward.

How much undressing is really necessary?

While you can leave your underwear on if it makes you more comfortable, many people do not. You will receive a robe or other covering to change in to, and once you’re in your appointment, your therapist will step out and allow you to get under the sheet on your own.

How can I make the most of my appointment? 

For your first massage therapy appointment and every one thereafter, make sure to arrive in a timely manner. This will give you time to change and relax. Because the purpose of massage is to be a comforting, relaxing and rejuvenating experience, skip all your stressors. Don’t rush, leave your phone in your purse or bag, and avoid any intense soaps or smells. Make sure to speak up and let your massage therapist know if you’d like less oils, more or less pressure, if anything is painful, etc.

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